DIY mini farmhouse style inspired decor using Dollar Tree items

I thought I should share another post with a new project creating small decorations with inspiration from farmhouse style design. As you probably know by now, I really enjoy buying items from the Dollar Tree and turn them into beautiful items to display in the apartment. This project turned out really great and I’m really excited to share it with you. Let’s jump into it, below you will find the instructions and products needed in order to complete these two projects.

DIY farmhouse style inspired decor

What you need for the first project:


I added twine (this is optional) around the tin bin. Use as little glue as possible in order to make sure you will have an flat surface around the bin. The next step is to cut the flower foam into a round shape so it fits inside the bin. Once that is done, cut the hardwood dowel into a smaller piece and paint it with the wood colored paint. In this phase, you can decide how high you want the topiary to be. Make sure it has the right hight so it fits with the size of the tin bin. You don’t want the topiary to be bigger then the tin bin because then the decor may fall and not be as stable.

The next step is to cut a few pieces from the fall wreath and add it into the bin along with the hardwood dowel. This will give the topiary a more realistic look with the wood sticks. If you want, you can collect wood sticks from a tree outside. The next step is to choose the size of the white foam craft ball you want for your mini topiary. Remember, when you add the topiary leaves to the ball the plant will look bigger. You can probably find a mini topiary ball online or at a store to save you time from this process. I didn’t find anything so I choose to buy a medium sized topiary from Hobby Lobby and cut the leaves from it. I also used a 40% coupon to save some money. Once you have cut enough pieces glue each individual piece into the white craft ball. Once you are done, add the mini topiary on the dowel and wood sticks. Viola! You’re done.

Mini topiary


What you need for the second project:


This DIY is a lot easier and less time consuming compared to the first one. First thing you will need to do is to cut the foam flower block into a smaller size in order to fit into the tin bin. Next step is to cut the flowers into shorter pieces and place them into the bin. In addition, use your glue gun if you want to make sure that the flowers stay in place inside the flower foam. Once the flowers are in place add the white marble stones to complete your piece. Easy!

Mini decor


If you want to see a video on how this was made, please leave a comment below and I will post it here. Also, don’t forget to comment if you liked this and if you want to see similar DIYs in the feature. I appreciate all feedback!

Also, If you liked this DIY decor make sure to look at my previous DIY farmhouse inspired decor project I made!


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DIY: How to make Dollar Tree candle holders look expensive

I enjoy decorating our apartment but buying decor can be really expensive. This year I am all about saving money but at the same time I still want to enjoy my hobbies without spending a fortune. As you already know, Dollar Tree is my favorite store to buy items for my DIYs. So far, the Dollar Tree stores I’ve been to in Atlanta are OK. I haven’t found a big store yet! If you are in the Atlanta area, please let me know which Dollar Tree store you recommend. Recently, my local Dollar Tree restocked on candle holders so I decided to buy three (different sizes) to use in this DIY. The candle holders are very plain and simple so I decided to use rhinestone boarders to make them look more expensive. The best part with this DIY is that you can use these candle holders for different things. I will share different ways you can use them in your home!

Dollar Tree DIY Bling Candle Holders


What you need:

  • Three long-steam glass tealight candle holders from the Dollar Tree ($1.00/each)
  • Two 3-Piece Iridescent Clear Rhinestone Borders by Recollections from Michaels ($4.99/each or $2.99/each with 40% coupon)


Before you place the rhinestones on the candle holders (no glue needed) make sure you cut them into pieces and add one row at the time. Since the candle holders are round, the square shaped rhinestones wont be able to lay flat on the round edges. That’s why its important that you work on one row at the time until you have covered the entire candle holder. The rhinestone boarders are easy to cut and easy to apply. This makes the DIY simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. It took less then 30 minutes to add all the rhinestones. 

Flower centerpiece

These candle holders are great to use as centerpieces in weddings. The total amount for each candle holder is four dollars. This is a great way to save money for that special day! Just buy round styrofoam balls and flowers from the Dollar Tree and you will have a beautiful centerpiece. You can also use this centerpiece for your dining table and you can use any flowers you want! Another great idea is to glue a small vase or candle holder on top of the candle holder to create a bigger center piece. There are so many different ways you can incorporate these candle holders in your own DIYs.


I decided to use the candle holders as centerpieces in our living room. I bought a silver colored charger from Michaels for $1.99 and two bags of fillers from the Dollar Tree. They had the fillers in two different sizes so I decided to buy both. I think this centerpiece is so beautiful and elegant! The best part is that I didn’t spend a lot of money on this project.

Comment below and let me know what you think about this DIY. Also, let me know how you used these candle holders for your own DIYs!


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DIY Dollar Tree Candle Holder

I love shopping and I know I’m not the only one who loves going in to a store and buy new things. However, I know my bank account hates it since everything is so expensive nowadays. That’s why Dollar Tree is my favorite store to buy new things without spending a fortune. I went to the Dollar Tree last weekend and they finally restocked on candle holders. Of course, I grabbed four of them to make this awesome and simple DIY. It only cost me two dollars to make one candle holder! Unbelievable!


DIY Dollar Tree Candle Holders


What you need:

  • Two (2) round glass candle holders – $1.00/each (Dollar Tree)
  • Two (2) glass taper candle holders – $1.00/each (Dollar Tree)
  • E6000 clear adhesive glue – $3.99 (Michaels
  • One (1) bag of “Mix Glacier Gem by Ashland” – $6.99 (Michaels) OPTIONAL


  • Put glue on top of the glass taper candle holder. 
  • Place the round glass candle holder above the glass taper candle holder. Put as close to the center as you can. 
  • Let the glue cure for 24 hours before you start using the candle holder. 

I decided to use gems inside my candle holders since I thought they match with the decor in our apartment. They are so elegant and look so expensive. You can use the candle holders to put candles, make up brushes, etc. Another great idea is to spray paint them to any desired color or create your own mercury candle holders. If you want taller candle holders then you can glue two glass taper candle holders together before you add the round glass candle holder on top.

Let me know what you think about this DIY project and if you want to see more of this! If you tried this DIY, please share pictures with me so I can see your finished project!

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