Farmhouse style inspired DIY decor with Dollar Tree items

Once again, I went to the Dollar Tree to go on my usual shopping spree. I go to the Dollar Tree almost every weekend, it’s very difficult to stay away from that store! Lately, I’ve been very inspired from farmhouse style home decor. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest. I decided to search for items at the Dollar Tree and do my own DIY inspired. This project was so inexpensive and it only cost me five dollars! Can you believe that? You can use the leftover ribbon and marbles + buy a new candle holder and flowers to make another piece. Then you will have a total cost of seven dollars for two pieces! Decor doesn’t need to be expensive. Just be creative!

What you need:

  • Square shape candle holder from the Dollar Tree
  • Flowers of any choice – Mine are from the Dollar Tree
  • White marble from the Dollar Tree
  • Floral garden burlap ribbon from the Dollar Tree
  • Flower foam blocks from the Dollar Tree


First thing you need to do is to use a glue gun to apply the ribbon around the top of the candle holder. Once you have applied the ribbon, let it dry for a few seconds before you touch it. Meanwhile you are waiting, start cutting the floral foam blocks to fit the candle holder. Before you add the floral foam into the candle holder you want to add the white marbles first to the bottom of the candle holder. Make sure you do not add to many marbles because you want the floral foam to fit inside the candle holder. Once you’ve added the marbles and the floral foam block start with adding the flowers into the foam block. I decided not to use glue because I might change my mind down the road and use different flowers.

Farmhouse Style Inspired Decor

Farmhouse Style Decor

It took me less then 10 minutes to do this DIY project. I think the decor piece turn out really good and it was so easy to make. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Also, let me know if you want to see more of this kind of DIY.

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DIY: How to make Dollar Tree candle holders look expensive

I enjoy decorating our apartment but buying decor can be really expensive. This year I am all about saving money but at the same time I still want to enjoy my hobbies without spending a fortune. As you already know, Dollar Tree is my favorite store to buy items for my DIYs. So far, the Dollar Tree stores I’ve been to in Atlanta are OK. I haven’t found a big store yet! If you are in the Atlanta area, please let me know which Dollar Tree store you recommend. Recently, my local Dollar Tree restocked on candle holders so I decided to buy three (different sizes) to use in this DIY. The candle holders are very plain and simple so I decided to use rhinestone boarders to make them look more expensive. The best part with this DIY is that you can use these candle holders for different things. I will share different ways you can use them in your home!

Dollar Tree DIY Bling Candle Holders


What you need:

  • Three long-steam glass tealight candle holders from the Dollar Tree ($1.00/each)
  • Two 3-Piece Iridescent Clear Rhinestone Borders by Recollections from Michaels ($4.99/each or $2.99/each with 40% coupon)


Before you place the rhinestones on the candle holders (no glue needed) make sure you cut them into pieces and add one row at the time. Since the candle holders are round, the square shaped rhinestones wont be able to lay flat on the round edges. That’s why its important that you work on one row at the time until you have covered the entire candle holder. The rhinestone boarders are easy to cut and easy to apply. This makes the DIY simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. It took less then 30 minutes to add all the rhinestones. 

Flower centerpiece

These candle holders are great to use as centerpieces in weddings. The total amount for each candle holder is four dollars. This is a great way to save money for that special day! Just buy round styrofoam balls and flowers from the Dollar Tree and you will have a beautiful centerpiece. You can also use this centerpiece for your dining table and you can use any flowers you want! Another great idea is to glue a small vase or candle holder on top of the candle holder to create a bigger center piece. There are so many different ways you can incorporate these candle holders in your own DIYs.


I decided to use the candle holders as centerpieces in our living room. I bought a silver colored charger from Michaels for $1.99 and two bags of fillers from the Dollar Tree. They had the fillers in two different sizes so I decided to buy both. I think this centerpiece is so beautiful and elegant! The best part is that I didn’t spend a lot of money on this project.

Comment below and let me know what you think about this DIY. Also, let me know how you used these candle holders for your own DIYs!


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